Science allows students to evaluate the world scientifically, increases their curiosity and encourages them to investigate. It forms a sense of responsibility about their behavior towards other livings and the world. We keep students’ curiosities alive in order to raise their environmental awareness. Students learn the steps of scientific research and improve their skills of prediction, experimentation, deduction, linking and acting. They learn to explain their observations and experiences using the correct terms. They evaluate daily events in terms of scientific principles.

Research and investigation used in this course is the base of scientific evaluation and understanding. Students actively form their understanding of the world surrounding them and get ideas regarding the solutions to world’s problems by combining scientific knowledge, logic and thinking skills.

Scientific knowledge becomes meaningful via activities in compliance with the planned school life and experiences with the environment. Scientific process encourages actively participated discovery and interrogation not only in the scientific area but in many areas of life. Therefore, it influences individuals to make informed and responsible decisions.