From Our Founder

Dear Parents, 

The new generation with their high potential, as well as the world that is changing at an unseen pace both illustrate the need to reshape how we think about education. What we need is a multi-faceted education system that keeps renewing itself. We at First Five - Ilk Bes believe that awareness is the first step to embracing change. For this reason, it is of utmost important for us that our students know themselves, make their own choices about their own learning processes, that they are aware of their own skills and can build upon them. 
Our utmost priority is to establish cooperation between the family, the school and the student based on clear and realistic communication; through which the parents can also get to know their children in brand new ways and  sustain the atmosphere of the school in their home; thus raising students who have high self-esteem, who believe in themselves, and most importantly,  who are at peace with themselves. 
For this reason, our school rests upon a language of unconditional love, an open learning system that is a synthesis of both national and international programs, and a school setting that has been designed to foster student development in every way. 
Adapting to the world is the most important skill an individual can have in our times. We want to make sure our students can adapt to any environment and any change. We strive to keep their endless curiosity alive – our students love to learn, learn how to learn; they work with confidence in themselves and in their potential. 
In First Five, we raise students who are respectful and curious; who question and analyze; who are sensitive, bold, well-organized; who can express themselves with confidence. Followers of Atatürk, they become world citizens, each one a unique individual in their own way. 
We believe that for a good education a student must be happy and comfortable in every way; it is our duty to guide them through their development, accept each one unconditionally and create learning environments tailored to their own unique learning styles. 
We accept and encourage our students in fields they themselves feel successful in, we strive to help students know and actualize themselves, in addition to helping unleash and develop their potentials. Our team of educators, who themselves are constantly developing, are ready to start our education journey in  all of our campuses where the focus will be on the child, and a love for the world and nature. 

With love and respect,
Nazlı Savaşan