School Counseling

Growing up is forgetting the wonderful abilities we had when we were kids. These words illustrate beautifully that we must think not in terms of what to give our children, but what to preserve in them.

Our team of counselors believe that each child can be self-sufficient, can be happy with who they are, and are equipped with the skillset to work for success. They are here not to show the way but to open new paths, not to dictate truths but to listen and offer support; all in service of helping the students in getting to know themselves. Because it is beyond doubt that individuals who grow up in such an atmosphere will carry the gems of their childhood to their adult lives. 

Our notion of counseling is based on developmental theory and an unconditional respect towards differences. 

Our team offers preventative counseling measures, aiming to anticipate and prepare for adaptation problems that can occur in students’ lives. 

Our work with the students include;
Adaptation and orientation,
Evaluations for getting to know the students,
Observation of personal differences and adaptation activities,
Creating programs suited to the students’ developmental stage,
Surveillance of the students’ emotional or academic needs and providing the support they need,
As for our work with the parents, we provide;
Periodical individual meetings (At least once per semester for each student),
Student evaluation feedback,
Family counseling,
Parent lectures.

The elementary school years set the foundation for developing the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for children to become healthy, competent and confident learners. Elementary school counselors have an impact on these years by implementing a school counseling program and collaborating with school staff, parents and the community to create a safe and respectful learning environment. By providing education, prevention, early identification and intervention, elementary school counselors help their students achieve academic success, develop an understanding of their talents and develop social/ emotional skills in response to issues they face.