Our Values


Ilk Beş Schools wholeheartedly believe in the unique innate potential of every child. In a school climate where they can express themselves comfortably, it is our priority for each of them to achieve their highest learning goals, to achieve more than they think, and to be happy individuals. 


Ilk Beş Schools believe that the cooperation of the family, teachers and school administrators is indispensable for the child to grow up as a healthy and happy individual. Together with our children, families and educators, we aim to create a caring, productive community. 


It is a school that considers the happiness of educators and students is the main condition of good education. We believe that a day without laughing and having fun is a waste. We care the existence of the play in the child's life and in every part of our learning adventure. We offer each child a differentiated and enriched learning opportunity. We aim to enable the child to reach the highest level of education opportunities in the coming years with a holistic authentic academic program. Authenticity, creativity and thinking are always encouraged. 


Our goal is to create and maintain a school culture that welcomes, recognizes, and celebrates diversity in all of its forms, Children work on issues such as personal integrity, respect for diversity, cooperation and leadership,  and being compassionate individuals for a better world. With the awareness of being a part of nature, they explore our planet and human impact on it for a sustainable future. With our multilingual and multicultural approach, they are encouraged to be a global citizen.