Healthy Nutrition


Our main criterion about diet is to create a natural and healthy menu. Our priorities about food are avoiding foods with additives and prepare the foods in our menu with natural and organic ingredients. We aim not to make eating a boring task for the child; on the contrary our goal is to make the suppertime a period that harbors fun and delicious surprises and children look forward to.

Our weekly supply of fruits, vegetables, eggs, comes from FARGE TARIM and the organic market in our city as well as the producers in neighboring villages.

We do not let any packaged (convenience) foods and food with chicken in our menu including any kinds of snacks, candies and sweets, packaged juices and jams, carbonated and colored drinks like cola etc., fruit powders, any kinds of drinks with coloring, packaged colored fruit yogurt and puddings, packaged soups, packaged sauces like ketchup, mayonnaise etc., packaged spices or seasoning, any kinds of chips, any food that has additives, salami, bologna sausage, hotdogs and hamburgers or any foods ready to be consumed frozen or not. We also request from you not to consume these foods outside the school either.

When we prepare the İlk Beş Preschool menu we use the amount of necessary daily intake of protein, fat, and fiber rates, and calories. Our menus which are examined by a specialized dietitian are prepared in a hygienic kitchen on a daily basis. In mid-afternoon meal we prefer foods that are high in fibers and vitamins instead of foods high in carbohydrates. All our foods have natural olive oil.

We prefer self-made composts low in sugar or again self-made beverages like apple-orange juice, linden tea, lemonade or ayran which contain no additives. 

In terms of nutrition, we assure you that your children will be taken care of as much as they are in their own home.

For children to have a physically healthy day, they should get enough sleep and eat well. Given that activities start after the end of breakfast and suppertimes, students who are late for the breakfast or the lunch, eat with our support teachers and then join in the class activities. We ask you to pay attention to our suppertimes.

In our school we have three meals including breakfast, lunch and mid-afternoon meal. Suppertimes occur in company with the class teachers. Slightly after they started to school, children contribute to the group by setting their own table. This responsibility helps them grow up and be proud of themselves.

When our meals are prepared with organic and natural products, we deliver food lists to you at the beginning of each week.

As a part of our educational program, we want our children to gain the ability to eat by them selves, therefore our teachers support children to eat independently. When the teacher feeds your children they cannot gain this ability easily.